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An Apology to the fans and passing of the torch

An Apology to the fans and passing of the torch published on 4 Comments on An Apology to the fans and passing of the torch

For the few fans of Swashbuckled that have stuck with us, I owe you an apology. For the past 2 and a half years I have worked tirelessly to try to bring you a well told and consistent comic. I attempted many means to make this possible, hiring 2 artists to help produce pages faster, starting a patreon page to try to help pay them better, even going so far as to creating our own website so there’d finally be a central place to go for the comic…but in the end I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Tonight, we lost our artist quadra. He decided that he didn’t want to continue with the project. As some may know, SB has been through this once before. Mastergodai dropped the project and we were subsequently removed from swiftly. I always felt bad about this because the KB crew, while I have nothing personally against them, never really gave readers any real warning or direction. I did my best to try to guide readers, but Godai mostly remained hands off and so, my hands were kind of tied. That was honestly, when I wanted to call it quits. After Godai left and KB removed the comic, I had a long discussion with Rubyluvcow¬†and expressed my interest in just ending the project. I felt like we were in the deep end of the pool just flailing about not really moving but not exactly drowning either. It had been 2 years and we’d sunk a lot of our own personal money into the project and suddenly, it was down an artist and without a proper website.

Ruby convinced me to keep going, and after some prodding I agreed. We moved on and began work on a website, while working to find a new artist to replace Godai so we could keep the 2 page a month update schedule. We tried a couple of people, none really meshed well, then we met Quadra who was very enthusiastic about the whole thing, so we all agreed he’d be the new artist alongside abluedeer. January rolled around and the website launch was delayed, another failure on my part to the fanbase, but we eventually got this place up and running and host both our comic and my friend Hayakain’s comic Ryugou. Quadra was working on a page and soon it went up and it seemed like things were finally get back on track.

I don’t know that if i could have changed my behavior or actions to make things different. I don’t know if could have done something to have kept some of these things from happening, but at the end of the day I let them happen and that is a failure on my part. I started this project, and I did my best to keep it going but it just wasn’t good enough. I’ve decided to step away from it for my own personal emotional stability. When you spend 2 and a half years and an untold amount of money on producing something only to see it continue to crumble around you, it eventually takes a toll on your self esteem. Maybe one day I’ll return to Swashbuckled, one day when I feel I am capable of handling the responsibility again. Until that day comes, I will continue to support it by being an active fan. rubyluvcow and i worked on this together from the beginning. She’s a great writer with some absolutely amazing ideas and i know the comic is in more than capable hands. Please continue to support her and her project through to the end. And please forgive me for my failures.


With that, I say thank you again to the Swashbuckled fanbase. See you on the other side mateys.

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