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Cheryl’s Secret

3 Comments on Cheryl’s Secret

Cheryl’s dirty little secret has been found out by a mystery intruder! Seems the little pirate mousey has a thing for a certain member of Diego’s crew…only it’s not Diego. Cheryl, your girl-love for Aria has been found out! Better catch that intruder before they spread the news!

Happy April Fools day everyone, we hope you enjoyed this amusing little jokey pic. A new page is coming later on next week.


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Art by Mastergodai.

  • ClexYoshi

    I really am glad you’ve kept good relations with Godai so he can still chip in every now and then. he’s probably one of my favorite looks to the comic thus far.

    • Tigertato

      Is that because of the style or the color or both? cause I’ve noticed that almost every other page other than his, are in black and white.

  • The Ducky

    Now we need to have the real thing! >:3