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Happy Easter…You Pervs…*Easter 2015*

8 Comments on Happy Easter…You Pervs…*Easter 2015*

Shinzu was not exactly thrilled when we showed her what her Easter costume for this year looked like. After much MUCH resistance, ad debates about pay increases and bonuses, she finally agreed to pose for this photo. I hope you all enjoy it…this cost us an arm and leg to get done! Happy Easter everyone!

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  • bornvictim

    Ive never wanted to be a carrot so much in my life!Shinzus easter eggs are very nice too!

  • ClexYoshi

    This is a very happy easter indeed! except for her. she probably is a might bit annoyed that you guys talked her into that. 😛

  • Hunter Garrett

    Will Shinzu be featured frequently? And is there any other site with art featuring her?

    • KOF

      Shinzu will be featured infrequently in filler or holiday pictures like this as she is the site mascot. She will not be in the comic much. And no not really.

      • Hunter Garrett

        What about those “Perilous Pitfall” pictures? Will they be up on the site?

        • KOF

          No they will not

          • Hunter Garrett


      • Hunter Garrett

        Will you be doing a lot with solo pics?