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Swashbuckled: Beat It!

2 Comments on Swashbuckled: Beat It!

Welcome back swabbies to another page of Swashbuckled! This time we see the crew needs to get going, the booties all loaded up and the marines are getting even more aggressive! Cha’li to the rescue giving Aria the assist she needs to escape her attacker and Diego and the rest of the crew making their way back to the ship, hopefully the mission will be worth the trouble!

Art and Color by: ABlueDeer –

Brought to you by our wonderful Patrons! TheMoonBear, Arthur Hall and Demon87! Thank you all!

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  • Ben Berlin

    I look forward to more high-seas shenanigans next month. Until then, Drink up me hearties yo ho!

  • Shadowkey392

    I’m going to take a chance and guess that that hair he just cut is going to do something relatively important.