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Swashbuckled: Big Guns and Tiny Firecrackers

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And last but not least we have Nikolai and Whitney the last of Aria’s trusted few.

Nikolai is rather annoyed with the hijinks of the short chipmunk and her penchants for high explosives. Luckily Cha’li is there to bandage up Whitney’s victims as well as calm everyone down, such a sweet momma dolphin she is.

Art by: abluedeer

I would also like to give a special thanks out to shadowdash18 of FA he won our cameo contest a while back and is in today’s page as the poor guy being bandaged up by Cha’li. Thanks a lot shadow and everyone for your continued support of the comic.¬†

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  • Jonathan Hughes

    Bonus points for using the correct naval definition of “quartermaster”.