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Swashbuckled: History of Mutiny

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As Aria comes to bring Ruby their ships manifest the pirate queen decides to fill Aria in about Diego’s past a bit, but is she telling the whole story? As we can see Diego really did live up to his brutal pirate nature, has he changed or is that rage still boiling deep down.

Art and Color by: ABlueDeer –

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  • Belmontzar

    Diego, the LUBU of the seas.

    ah some context to explain what I mean here..
    Lubu Was a Chinese Warlord said to be pretty much the Strongest warrior of the Three Kingdoms era of China. According to some historical texts, Lubu was so blood thirsty in battle, that he scared his own soldiers. So they got him on a boat, Got him drunk, Tied him to the Boat Mast, and surrendered to Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Lubu and his Strategist were executed, but many of Lubu’s generals and men were released or joined the Shu or Wei Armed forces. A lot of the soldiers had been farmers too, so most of them just went home.

    Least in this case Diego survived and seems to have Chilled out a bit.

    • KOF

      That’s very interesting to learn! I certainly didn’t know this bit of history, interesting that our backstory lined up with something from history like that even unintentionally.

      • Belmontzar

        Its genuinly unknown just how much of it is accurate and historical since much of History was written and ‘enhanced’ like alot of modern history. Unlike modern history where you can read what other countries claim and piece together the actual events, stories of the past are much harder to nail down. In Lubu’s case even his manner of execution is unknown since some text state he was hung and some say Cao Cao beheaded him. The other major issue involves the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” historical tale, with some of its details sometimes being used as Fact instead of as Fiction. Then again, based on how many people focused on honour, RotTK might be more accurate than not.