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Swashbuckled: Just the Place

3 Comments on Swashbuckled: Just the Place

A blast from the past!

In today’s page we return to King’s Port the city that Aria, Diego, and Miles first set out some six months ago to begin their adventures.

And speaking of bombshells, we have the return of everyone’s favorite little birdy Shinzu. Looks like she is gonna sell Diego and company a huge cannon for their next job, talk about a blast! Hopefully our heroes will get enough bang for their buck, but speaking of bang looks like Miles knows just how to haggle with Shinzu to get a good price!

Art by: ABlueDeer:

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  • bornvictim

    Dang thats one hell of a cannon!I see Miles is somehow getting even less subtle about his “bargaining”

  • Gravedigger

    a big ass cannon can solve almost any problem

  • GES280

    no wonder it has to be front mounted. the recoil would turtle the ship otherwise.