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Swashbuckled: Party Time

Swashbuckled: Party Time published on 1 Comment on Swashbuckled: Party Time

Victory, our faithful crew’s mission was a success! Now time to do what ever good pirate does, drink grog and sing a sea shanty. Aria seems a little melancholy thought, Diego goes over to talk to her and see what’s up, but it seems she just wants to enjoy the moon light with her favorite handsome canine captain. Diego may be a great pirate captain but sadly he isn’t the best romantic, but he tries his best to get through the moment. Will they kiss? Find out next time on Swashbuckled!

Thank you for your patience between pages readers, I know this page took longer to come out then normal but finances were a little in flux for the last month due to hurricanes and due to yours truly having to buy a house so the bank wouldn’t let me spend money out of my account for a few weeks, as such I couldn’t pay our amazing artist ABlueDeer for his work until I could. But we will try to get back to our monthly to bi-monthly schedule as soon as possible, again we thank you for your continued support weather through your views or by Patreon, thank you and stay tuned for more.

Art and Color by: ABlueDeer –

Brought to you by our wonderful Patrons! TheMoonBear, Arthur Hall and Demon87! Thank you all!

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