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Swashbuckled: Private Business Meeting

6 Comments on Swashbuckled: Private Business Meeting

Hope everyone had a wonderful April, and got lots of chocolate eggs for Bunny day!

This months page we see instead of helping the crew unload their loot Miles has another private meeting with a beautiful pirate, Holly of the Femme Fatales. I wonder what juicy info he has to pass off to the cute little juicy Holly?

Art and Color by: ABlueDeer –

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Stay tuned and find out!

  • ocbrad1

    Yay! New page and another hottie! Can’t wait to see what sort of craziness Miles brings down on everyone this time.

  • Cory Tenorio

    thank you for the fan service!

    • iPhone壁紙

      I also liked it! Thanks.

  • Shadowkey392

    Heh! Gotta love DarkDuck64’s characters!

  • ocbrad1

    How did we lose a page? We had gotten one past this one (Pub and a Pint, I believe), but now this is the latest? I’m confused.

    • KOF

      There was a recent issue on the backend, we had to restore the site to an earlier state, the missing pages will be returning shortly