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Swashbuckled: Tactical Espionage Feline

Swashbuckled: Tactical Espionage Feline published on 1 Comment on Swashbuckled: Tactical Espionage Feline

Hello to all our fans, this is KingofKOF. As some of you may know, I took some time away from this comic last year after a series of life events diverted my attention. I’ve been slowly but surely getting back into writing SB full time and have been enjoying myself…and then life hit all of us again.

Our artist ABD had a baby, congratulations again! Ruby has been busier these days with work and such, and I myself recently made a major purchase and had some major financial changes in my life. On top of that we have been increasing our efforts to revamp this website from top to bottom, bring in some new blood, ads, etc. All of this has led to a decrease in productivity on Swashbuckled, as you may have noticed the slowed upload rate as of late. I want to apologize for this, life has simply made it difficult to do 2 pages a month.

So we have decided to decrease to 1 page per month from now until years end. This will allow all of us to deal with our life changes and financial obligations, get things settled, and get back into a place where we can do 2 pages a month again. This decrease in the schedule is only temporary, we intend to return to 2 pages per month in January or February of next year, along with a total overhaul of the website. Thank you again for continuing to support us, expect to hear more in the coming weeks about a relaunch of patreon, the new website plans, etc. Until then, please continue to enjoy our comic.

The mission continues forward, as Aria and co. make their way to the facility now. Diego’s seems concerned…though I guess those concerns are unwarranted. Clearly Aria’s training has done her some good, this kitty certainly has claws!

Brought to you by our wonderful Patrons! Ruby-Blossom, and Demon87! Thank you all!

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