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Swashbuckled: Unorthodox Outside the Box

Swashbuckled: Unorthodox Outside the Box published on 2 Comments on Swashbuckled: Unorthodox Outside the Box

Ahoy there!

Now that Tabytha has her clothes on, Chris and her can talk some more! Seems like Chris has some information about Diego but it seems Taby is questioning her commanding officers “source” as well as his “methods” for extracting said information.

Chris of course explains to Taby that sometimes you need to get a little down and dirty and think outside the box in some unorthodox ways to get the information you need.

Lines and Inks by: ABlueDeer –

Special Guest Colorist: Tabykat –

Brought to you by our wonderful Patrons! Paul-Desrosiers, Ruby-Blossom, Milkie Souris, theoneportuguese, and Demon87! Thank you all!

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